Monday, January 21, 2019

552nd Place - Rene Gonzales

Card #98

I think Topps missed a golden opportunity to let Rene's card number (98) match his jersey (88).  So close!

2019 is off to a rough start related to free time.  Just as I made a resolution to blog more, a strange new phenomenon was introduced to my household.  This month our oldest child transitioned from home schooling to public school.  And with that came...homework!  My wife stays at home to teach and usually had responsibility for it.  But now I sit at the dinner table every night reviewing her practice sheets for the infuriating, mandatory state exam that takes place in a couple of months.  I have two college degrees and took multiple stat classes for a failed PhD. and even I have trouble with some of the math related word problems.

Maybe that says more about me than the math?

Anyway, for the hundredth time, sorry for not getting as many posts up as I'd like!  It's a shame, too, because the quality of the cards on the countdown are really increasing.  As an Orioles fan I love this card, and the posed shot by the batting cage is fabulous.  I only have it ranked this low due to the less popular career of the player.  Despite a career OPS of .634, Gonzales made appearances in 13 big league seasons.  He had staying power!

If you head over to Rene's Baseball-Reference page you'll see he carried that #88 jersey through most of his stops, which is awesome.  For O's fans it always felt jarring since Cal Ripken Jr. wore #8. 

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