Thursday, December 6, 2018

555th Place - Steve Lake

Card #208

I love to look at the back of baseball cards, but that's almost always to scan the stats.  I love stats on baseball cards.  I love players with long careers that force the print to become nearly impossible to read (don't get me started on the modern Topps set truncating that...).

But I often forget to read the other stuff.  I'm glad I did with Steve Lake's card, because in early 1988, according to his card back, he claimed his home as Glendale, Arizona...which is exactly where I was born!

More specifically, I was born on Luke Air Force Base, back in the mid-70's.  My dad was a pilot in the Air Force, though at that time, he was sitting in the back seat of F-4's.  In fact, he was in the same squadron as "Sully" Sullenberger, the famed air line pilot who landed a plane on the Hudson river...which is a body of water...much like the last name of Steve Lake!!!

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