Saturday, October 6, 2018

559th Place - Jerry Hairston

Card #281

I just installed a new printer/copier/scanner at home.  It replaces the device I've been using for the past 10+ years so I was excited to see how the scanning would look.  Jerry Hairston was my first test subject.

What do you think?  I honestly think the colors are a bit drowned out compared to the card when I'm holding it in my hand.  I wonder if I need to dive into adjusting the color settings?  I don't think that will end well...

This card essentially marks the end of Hairston's career.  He got into five more games in 1988 and 1989 (not sure what the story is there) before hanging up his spikes.  He played a ton of years, though, mostly as a professional pinch-hitter.  You don't see those types of guys anymore now that modern day rosters are so stuffed with relievers.  Jerry's son also had a nice big league career as he bounced around several teams over 16 years. 

I'm going to throw in a gratuitous product placement label for those glorious Wilson batting gloves.  But the pinnacle of this card is Hairston's wire-framed BluBlockers.  So much yellow!  Reminds me of this:

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