Thursday, March 8, 2018

563rd Place - Fred Manrique

Card #437

Fred Manrique had every right to smile on the top step of the dugout when this card came out.  He had just completed his first full season in the big leagues after toiling in the minors for eight years.  The back of his card is a bit funky - he had four "cups of coffee" before 1987, including twice with Toronto (1981, 1984),  and once each with Montreal (1985), and St. Louis (1986).

Manrique is from Venezuela, and currently ranks 72nd all-time in games played by a Venezuelan. 

Manrique was also part of the trade that landed Sammy Sosa in Chicago...with the White Sox.  Manrique joined Harold Baines in 1989 in a trade to the Rangers, and Sosa was one of the players Texas sent back to the Pale Hose.

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  1. One of a number who played for both Canadian teams (when Montreal existed)