Saturday, February 10, 2018

564th Place - Rob Murphy

Card #603

When this card came out Rob Murphy had just enjoyed his second successful year as a lefty specialist in the Cincinnati bullpen.  He appeared in 87 games for the Reds, which is nothing to sneeze at.  He actually led the league with 76 in 1988 before being shipped off to Boston.

Murphy pitched through the 1995 season, hanging his spikes up just short of 600 career games pitched.  In his post-playing days he turned to the track...the horse track!  He breeds race horses through his company, M375 Thoroughbreds.  Apparently he has a proprietary computer program that helps him in his horse siring process.  Sounds romantic...?  Too bad he didn't play for the Phillies!  Ba-dum-bump...

This card is pretty neat, a nice casual look at spring training. 

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