Sunday, September 24, 2017

569th Place - Bo Diaz

Card #265

It's a lazy Sunday, maybe I should post a card to my 1988 blog.  When was the last time I did...?  Three months ago!?!  Egads, that's bad.  My apologies.  Like everyone else who falters on the pace they'd like to maintain, life gets in the way...

Diaz was coming off his second career All-Star appearance when this card was printed.  In 1987 he slugged 15 home runs and 82 RBI while logging 140 games behind the plate for Cincinnati.  Sadly, Diaz had washed out of baseball after the 1989 season.  In 1990 he was back in his native Venezuela trying to make it back to the majors via the winter leagues when tragedy struck.  He was crushed and killed while repairing the satellite dish on the roof of his house.

This is a fine looking card, though it is a little awkward to see a Montreal Expo in the background between his legs...  Most cards of Diaz have him sporting a mustache, but if I remember correctly, the Reds had a "no facial hair" policy at the time.

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