Saturday, June 10, 2017

571st Place - Craig Lefferts

Card #734

I don't recall spending much time talking about one of the neat features of the 1988 Topps set - the "This Way To The Clubhouse" section on the back of the card. Lefferts' TWTTC story tells us he was a part of the mega Padres/Giants trade that went down on July 4, 1987.  In that trade the Giants got a future MVP (Kevin Mitchell) and the Padres got a future Cy Young (Mark Davis).  In fact, they both received their hardware for the 1989 season!  I can't imagine there are a whole lot of MVP for Cy Young trades in MLB history...

Lefferts spent the first nine years of his MLB career as a reliever until randomly shifting to the starting rotation in 1992.  He started 32 games that year (27 with San Diego, 5 with Baltimore) and recorded a nifty 3.76 ERA while doing so.  Not too bad for the bullpen stalwart!

Lefferts might be best known, however, as the last pitcher to hit a walk-off home run!  It happened way back in 1986...and he used Tony Gwynn's bat to do it!

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  1. That trade also brought the Giants Dave Dravecky. I used to love how Lefferts would sprint from the bullpen to the mound whenever he got brought in.