Friday, June 23, 2017

570th Place - Bruce Benedict

Card #652

Benedict, the longtime Atlanta catcher, was coming off his worst professional season when this card was printed.  In 1987 he hit a measly .147 and only had an OPS of .466.  But he lasted two more seasons, wrapping up his career in 1989.

Benedict is one of those guys who, when hearing his name, always brings me back to my childhood living room floor in the summer, baseball cards spread out before me, and listening to Skip Caray drone on while the Braves were getting blown out during a TBS game.  I LOVED watching baseball on TV as a kid, but Braves games were always so BORING.

Baseball is still a big part of the Benedict family.  His son Griffin is in his seventh season as the bullpen catcher for the Padres.  Bruce may or may not be still operating his own baseball academy.

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