Sunday, February 12, 2017

576th Place - Jim Winn

Card #688

If you check the back of the card you see Jim Winn got traded to the Sox by the Pittsburgh Pirates in exchange for speedster Jim Cangelosi.  The Pirates got the better end of that deal, as Winn wouldn't even pitch for Chicago in 1988, his last in the big leagues.

Still, could you have a better last name than "Winn" if you're a pitcher?!  That has to be a confidence booster for your team.  "We've got a Winn in the lineup today, boys!"  "Just Winn, baby!"  "This guy really knows how to Winn."

I'm fascinated by the shirt he's wearing under his unbuttoned jersey.  I think that's the letter "n" but I have no idea what it could be.  I can't imagine the equipment manager is thrilled.  And the sleeves are sticking out from underneath too.  What a delightful mess.

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