Saturday, February 18, 2017

575th Place - Manny Lee

Card #722

This past Christmas my folks gifted our family with a new computer.  It was a much needed upgrade.  Let's just say I might have still been using Window's Vista.  I assumed I would need a new scanner too, because it was always a grueling process on the old desktop.  Turns out, my scanner is awesome, it just stunk because the last computer was old as dirt.  I got Manny Lee here scanned and cropped in less than 60 seconds.
I always think of Lee as a utility infielder type, but he was actually a regular player for Toronto over most of his career.  He slid over to to shortstop when the Blue Jays traded away Tony Fernandez.  In fact, he was the starter on the World Series winning team in 1992.  Strangely, he was out of baseball before he turned 30, but he got his ring!

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