Saturday, February 18, 2017

575th Place - Manny Lee

Card #722

This past Christmas my folks gifted our family with a new computer.  It was a much needed upgrade.  Let's just say I might have still been using Window's Vista.  I assumed I would need a new scanner too, because it was always a grueling process on the old desktop.  Turns out, my scanner is awesome, it just stunk because the last computer was old as dirt.  I got Manny Lee here scanned and cropped in less than 60 seconds.
I always think of Lee as a utility infielder type, but he was actually a regular player for Toronto over most of his career.  He slid over to to shortstop when the Blue Jays traded away Tony Fernandez.  In fact, he was the starter on the World Series winning team in 1992.  Strangely, he was out of baseball before he turned 30, but he got his ring!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

576th Place - Jim Winn

Card #688

If you check the back of the card you see Jim Winn got traded to the Sox by the Pittsburgh Pirates in exchange for speedster Jim Cangelosi.  The Pirates got the better end of that deal, as Winn wouldn't even pitch for Chicago in 1988, his last in the big leagues.

Still, could you have a better last name than "Winn" if you're a pitcher?!  That has to be a confidence booster for your team.  "We've got a Winn in the lineup today, boys!"  "Just Winn, baby!"  "This guy really knows how to Winn."

I'm fascinated by the shirt he's wearing under his unbuttoned jersey.  I think that's the letter "n" but I have no idea what it could be.  I can't imagine the equipment manager is thrilled.  And the sleeves are sticking out from underneath too.  What a delightful mess.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Give Me Your 2017 "Rediscover Topps" 1988's!!!

Hello friends!

Last night on the way home from work I swung by my local card shop because they were finally stocked with the new 2017 Topps.  I decided to splurge and buy a box - that's 36 packs of card, ten cards per pack (unless you get a relic or auto, as the fine print notes...).

I gotta say, the new set really grew on me as I unpacked card after card.  It still drives me crazy that the entire player career isn't on the back of the card (they've cut that this year, to five seasons) but the addition of player social media account names was actually kind of interesting to me.

One of the things Topps is doing with the 2017 set is adding in stamped cards from the past again, this time titled as "Rediscover Topps."  And wouldn't you know it...I landed a 1988 card!  That's right, Sweet Lou Piniella is now all mine.  And that got me thinking...shouldn't I have ALL of the 1988 stamped cards?  The answer to that question is YES.  I SHOULD.  So if you come across a "Rediscover Topps" 1988 stamped card - I want it.  All 792!  I'm only 791 from getting them all!

But Piniella wasn't the only Rediscover Topps I got...can you say TIM RAINES ROOKIE CARD!?!?

I tweeted my good fortune and managed to get Jonah Keri to respond!

I'll show off some more of the 2017's - here are the "shiny" ones:

The 1987 designed cards came in a special pack the card shop gave me for buying a box.  The Robbie Grossman is number 60/66, so that was pretty cool.  Here are some of the 1987 design inserts:

I'm an Orioles fan of course, so I actually giggled at getting the Adam Jones.  I think the Don Mattingly is the best of the bunch, though.

I was surprised by how much I like the 5-Tool inserts too:

And finally - each box is guaranteed a relic or an autograph.  Sadly, no auto, but I did get this Rick Porcello jersey card:

I'm not much of a Porcello fan, and I definitely don't dig the Red Sox so let me know if this interests you.

In the meantime...SEND ME YOUR "Rediscover Topps" 1988 CARDS!!!