Thursday, January 12, 2017

579th Place - Joel Skinner

Card #109

I've always had a soft spot for Joel Skinner, thanks to his 1985 "Father and Son" card with his dad, Bob.  Bob was a pretty good ballplayer back in the day, managing a couple of All-Star team appearances and even MVP votes in two separate seasons.  At 85 years old he's still alive and kicking!

Joel was less successful, making a career as a backup catcher over nine big league seasons.  Like many ex-catchers, though, he's spent most of his post-playing days as a manager and coach throughout professional baseball. He even got half a season of work as the manager of the Cleveland Indians back in 2002 when Charlie Manuel lost his job in a contract dispute.  Despite a fairly successful stint Skinner didn't land that job permanently.  He most recently coached in Winston-Salem.


  1. I interviewed Skinner several times during his first year as a manager. He was cordial. Not very exciting, but cordial.

  2. I met him a couple of times when he managing Cleveland's Double-A team. He was very nice. I had him sign an 85 that had already been signed by his Dad. he told me that's his favorite card of all the ones that have been made of him.

  3. That's an awesome story - and an awesome card to have two signatures!