Friday, January 20, 2017

578th Place - Eddie Milner

Card #677

Based on the cheap looking lumber running parallel to the right side of the card, I'm guessing this is a spring training dugout?

This is the first regular set appearance by Eddie Milner not in a Reds uniform.  After five seasons (more or less) as a starter for Cincinnati he was turned into a fourth outfielder type in San Francisco.  Milner got suspended for drugs before the 1988 season started, though.  He popped up in a handful of games at the tail end of the year, again back on the Reds, but never played in in the bigs again because of those addiction demons.  He spoke openly and honestly about those struggles.

Sadly, Milner passed away last year at the age of 60.  I tried and tried to find a cause of death but wasn't able to.  Rest in Peace, Eddie.

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