Friday, January 27, 2017

577th Place - Jim Acker

Card #678

You come across odd stuff sometimes when you're trying to dig into the lives of past cardboard icons.  Take Jim Acker, here.  I'm pretty sure this is his father's obituary.  It looks like he lived a good long life.  And I found his mother's, too.  It just seems weird that this kind of information is out on the internet for a random baseball card fan to stumble upon.  I certainly mean no disrespect by it.  I imagine they were quite proud of their son and all of his accomplishments.

Here's another interesting tidbit:  Acker is from the same small Texas town of legendary 1985 Chicago Bear Steve McMichael.  In fact, Jim and his brother went to the University of Texas with McMichael.  Jim played baseball there but his brother played football with him.  Again, weird random stuff on the 'net.

And I'm pretty sure this is Acker's daughter, a standout volleyball player at SMU who is now off to medical school.  Not surprising given her family's athletic pedigree!

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