Monday, December 12, 2016

583rd Place - Ray Searage

Card #788

Wow - this card was four slots from being the last in the set.  That's a close call!  Kinda reminds me of this.  (Sorry, I have Star Wars on the brain - I'm headed to Rogue One Thursday night!)

You gotta hand it to Ray Searage - he sure looks like a charismatic dude.  These kind of posed shots were never my favorite as a kid, but that's an infectious smile peaking out from behind that caterpillar lip.  The green trees, blue skies, white clouds...heck, I even detect a glimmer in his eyes!

It's almost enough to make me ignore the hideous hat he's wearing.  I know I've teed off on these hats before on the blog, but good lord, is there a worse hat in the history of MLB?  The cursive "c" that looks like an "e" is so repulsive!

Ray is still rocking a 'stache and smile these days - he's the pitching coach for the Pittsburgh Pirates!

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