Saturday, December 17, 2016

582nd Place - Ed Romero

Card #37

If you can look past Ed Romero, you'll see a now extinct species:  the Montreal Expo.  1988 was pre-inter league games, so we can deduce this is a spring training match.

Most folks know the last Montreal Expo still playing in the major leagues is Bartolo Colon.  But wait...there might be another making a most improbable comeback!  Tomo Ohka just signed a minor league deal with the Baltimore Orioles!  He's 41 and has reinvented himself as a knuckle ball pitcher.  How awesome would it be if Ohka makes it back to the bigs!?

So what does this have to do with Ed Romero?  I'm trying desperately to tie all of this together - hang in there. Though I tend to think of Romero from his Milwaukee Brewers tenure, he did spend a few seasons on the Red Sox.  I've only seen one game at Boston's historic Fenway Park, and that was in 2001.  They played the Mariners, so I got to see Ichiro during his sensational debut season. But who was the starting pitcher for Boston that day?

Tomo Ohka.

Boom.  Minds blown.  Thank you Ed Romero and the faceless Expos behind you for this circular trip to nowhere.


  1. I'm quite sure I haven't thought of Tomo Ohka in 10 years ... until this very moment.