Sunday, November 6, 2016

589th Place - Chuck Jackson

Card #94

Checking out Chuck Jackson's Baseball-Reference page is fascinating.  After an upward rise in the minors he got time on the big club in 1987 and '88.  But he would only ever play one more game after that in the 1994!  He toiled in Triple A ball for six straight years and only played once more.  In that game he came in as a pinch-runner for Jose Canseco (while he was on the Rangers) and logged two at-bats afterwards.  It was an extra-inning game that the Mariners eventually won, with Goose Gossage of all people getting the win after two innings of relief.

His son Justin followed in his tracks, also slogging through the minors in the Blue Jays' system. Justin switched to pitching in 2013 and took to social media just this past February... You can see him on Instagram here.

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