Wednesday, November 9, 2016

588th Place - Tom Trebelhorn

Card #224

Hey, a manager card!  It's been awhile since one of these have been featured.

Tom Trebelhorn had an unusual path to big league managing in that he started as a coach at such a young age.  His last year in the minors as a player was 1974, but he was the skipper for the Oakland A's lowest level minor league team in 1975 at the tender age of 27.  By 1985 he was the Triple-A coach for the Brewers, and got promoted to the big league squad in '86 at 38 years old.  He stayed with the Brew Crew through the 1991 season before getting canned.  He led the Cubs for less than a full season in 1994 and that was the end of his managing opportunities.  He spent a lot of years with the Orioles after that in various capacities, even as their bench coach, but I always wondered why he never got another chance to be the head guy again.

He certainly has the watch for it!

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