Saturday, November 19, 2016

587th Place - Turn Back the Clock, 1973

Card #663

As a kid I was only ever mildly excited about pulling a "Turn Back the Clock" card from my packs.  That was one less chance at a Kevin Seitzer rookie!  But as I've grown older I certainly appreciate them more.

Topps chose to honor the first DH in MLB history - Ron Blomberg.  That's a neat trivia question, but here are some of the other names they mention from the 1973 season on the back of the card:  Nolan Ryan, Willie Davis, Hank Aaron, Darrell Evans, Reggie Jackson...heck, even Jeff Burroughs would have been more exciting on the front than Ron Blomberg!

During this year's World Series I heard more grumbling about either getting rid of the DH or adding it to both leagues.  I don't know why folks get so worked up by this.  I think it's neat to differentiate between the two sides, especially now that interleague play has taken away the mystique of two teams facing each other for the world title without ever having played each other.  My favorite player was Eddie Murray, and I appreciated him having the DH to turn to in his last couple of years playing.  On the flip side, it's always cool when a pitcher goes deep or contributes with the stick.  Heck, it's been 43 years.  Keep things as they are!

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  1. I agree. NL fans like myself get baseball the way we like it, while the David Ortiz types get to keep playing when they can't really field. Good compromise.