Saturday, October 22, 2016

591st Place - Luis Quinones

Card #667

It looks like Quinones has a Topps tattoo on his forearm, doesn't it?

Luis Quinones is part of a long line of light-hitting middle infielders, the type of player who littered the bloated Topps sets with 792 cards.  Signed at just 18 years of age out of his native Puerto Rico in 1980, he made a brief appearance in the majors during the 1983 season, but became a more permanent fixture starting in 1986.

Though he played on a few different teams during his career, he is best remembered as a bench player for the World Series winning team from Cincinnati in 1990.  In fact, Lou Piniella made the unlikely move in game six of the NLCS to bring in Quinones and sit Paul O'Neil versus Pirates lefty Zane Smith.  Sure enough, Quinones lined a single to score Ron Oester.  That sent the Reds to the World Seires and the rest was history.

These days you can find Luis as the hitting coach for the Batvia Muckdogs.  If you have any idea which Major League team Batvia falls under you're a better baseball fan than me!

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