Saturday, October 29, 2016

590th Place - Ken Dixon

Card #676

As I'm typing this, the Cleveland Indians are battling the Chicago Cubs in game four of the World Series.  I'm a die hard Orioles fan and feel I have suffered too long since our last World Series victory...but Cleveland and Chicago make me realize 1983 ain't that bad!

(On second thought, no.  1983 is still too long.  It's not Baltimore's fault those other two clubs are even bigger losers.)

Ken Dixon's career is one of baseball's many broken dreams.  I can remember as a kid seeing his 170 strikeouts after the 1986 season and dreaming big.  Alas, the card here to the right is quite cruel, as Dixon's shoulder would betray him after the 1987 season and he never pitched in the big leagues again.

In the next few days Cleveland or Chicago's nightmare drought will end.  For us Orioles fans, though, the unquenchable thirst remains...

I'm running another blog - my quest to collect the 1982 Topps set in order - one card at a time!  I'd love to get a few more followers on that page.  Hopefully you'll like it!

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