Tuesday, September 6, 2016

595th Place - Tom Lawless

Card #183

Oh man, there's so much to love about this card, even though the man himself was, let's be honest, not exactly major league material.

Exhibit A:  one of the cheesiest smiles you'll ever see on a baseball card.

Exhibit B:  his name sounds like he should be a professional wrestler, not a ballplayer.

Exhibit C:  the mesh jersey.  The jersey of little leagues in the 1980's.  Classy.

Exhibit D:  mismatched batting gloves.

Exhibit E:  the chain link fence and creepy stranger in the background.

Exhibit F:  that mustache!

Exhibit G:  batting donut!!!

And to top it all off...how did a guy who hit .080 in 25 at-bats during the 1987 season even get a card? Maybe because of his second ever home run in the majors?

I barely have him cracking the top 600 cards in the set, but maybe he deserves to be in the top 60...?


  1. For a long time I saved a newspaper article on Tom Lawless. It's disappeared now so I can't even remember what it was about, but it was something about him almost dying or coming back from tragedy or something like that. I can't find any mention of it now. But it made me respect him. And now I have this 1988 Topps card.

  2. I get the feeling he was a bit of a character! The bat flip in that video is insane.

  3. He may still be coaching in the minors somewhere. I met him a couple of times as a coach and he is a good guy, a character I'm sure.