Thursday, September 29, 2016

593rd Place - Len Matuszek

Card #92

It's a head-scratcher that Matuszek even got a card in this set.  He only had 15 at-bats in 1987 and didn't make it to the summer months on the Dodger roster before he was out of baseball for good.

He came to L.A. via trade with the Toronto Blue Jays, who received near-Hall of Famer Al Oliver in return. Raise your hand if you remember the 35 games Al Oliver played on the Dodgers in 1985.  If you did, I don't believe you!  The time between Steve Garvey and Eddie Murray at first base on the Dodgers was full of stopgap guys like Matuszek.  I bet Garvey was secretly loving every depressing minute of it.

Matuszek played baseball and basketball for the University of Toledo during his undergrad days, and has spent some of his post-baseball time helping out adults with special needs.

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