Saturday, August 6, 2016

598th Place - Tim Hulett

Card #158

If you've ever wondered what "league average" looks like, that might be Tim Hulett.  In twelve big league seasons he totaled 6.7 WAR, meaning he was worth about half a win per season.

The irony of this card is that in 1988 he wasn't in the majors.  He wasn't even in Triple A, instead playing in Double A Indianapolis and not performing particularly well.  But in 1989 he was in Rochester for the Orioles, and made it back to the bigs, where he stuck with Baltimore through the first half of the 90's as their utility infielder.  I'm a big Orioles fan but only have the vaguest of memories of that.  Granted, I've tried to block most of those years from memory...

On a sad note, in 1992 one of his young sons was struck and killed in an automobile accident.  The Orioles had to put him on the 15 day disabled list and that experience was one of the reasons the current day bereavement list now exists.

Hulett currently serves as the manager of the Spokane Indians in the Texas Rangers organization.

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