Monday, March 7, 2016

609th Place - Bob Brower

Card #252

Bob Brower was a speedster who climbed his way through the Rangers minor league system and broke out in a decent way in 1987, hitting 14 home runs in 303 at-bats. He slugged .452 and added 15 stolen bases.  He was already 27 years old, though, and would never sniff that kind of success again.  He got less playing time in 1988 for Texas and reemerged with the Yankees in 1989, his last season in the bigs.

Brower was quite the athlete in high school and college, though.  He lettered in four different sports his senior year, which included his first year in football.  He parleyed those talents to a spot on Duke University's football and baseball teams.

What did Brower do after baseball?  Well, he got an invite to come work for his former agent:  Scott Boras.  According to Brower, he was just Boras' third hired employee.  If his Wikipedia is still accurate, he's now Vice President of the Scott Boras Corporation.  A Duke grad working for Scott careful, he might be trolling us all!


  1. This Brower card I haven't seen all that much. But I pulled his 1989 Topps card about 679 times.

  2. That's funny, I think the 1989 set is terribly boring, but Brower's card is one of the few memorable poses in my mind...