Thursday, February 4, 2016

612th Place - Bryn Smith

Card #161

It took every ounce of willpower in my body not to type an "a" between the "y" and "n" in Bryn's name.  It just ain't a natural moniker!

As a kid I was convinced Bryn was older than he really was.  That beard of his easily adds 20 years to his perceived age.  If I told you he was 52 in this picture, wouldn't you believe me?

On the back of the card it mentions that way back in 1977 Smith and Rudy May came to the Expos in exchange for Don Stanhouse, Joe Kerrigan, and "Gary Steven Roenicke."  Why on earth did they add Roenicke's middle name?  That's one of those trades that worked out well for both teams, as Smith became a rotation stalwart throughout the 1980's and Roenicke was a longtime platoon guy who helped the O's to the 1983 World Series victory.

This classic spring training shot sure makes me miss the Expos.  Their home uniforms were so sharp.  A stark contrast to the ugly purple and black he would wear in the Colorado Rockies inaugural season, which was Smith's last.  Before he left the majors, though, he recorded the first victory in the Rockies franchise history. By the time he pitched his last game his ERA had ballooned to over 8.  He was one of the very first sacrificial lambs offered up to Coors Field, though far from the last.

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  1. One of his other topps cards ('87?) notes that BRYN is an acronym for the man he was named after, Baxter Robert Young Nisbet. I can barely remember what happened yesterday but I can recall that instantly.