Sunday, February 28, 2016

610th Place - Tim Stoddard

Card #359

I always knew Tim Stoddard and Kenny Lofton were the only two players in Major League history to play in both a World Series game and the NCAA Final Four in basketball, but I had no idea they were from the same high school.  How crazy is that!?!  Stoddard, though, is the only person to have won a World Series and the tournament.

While Lofton was a point guard, Stoddard's towering 6'7" frame made him a big man in the paint.  Indeed, his size is what most folks remember about him.  His typical walrus mustache only assisted in his oversized appearance, that's for sure.

I'm a Baltimore fan, so of course I think of him more in the orange and black instead of the pinstripes on this card.  He pitched through the 1989 season before calling it a career, and it was a respectable one at that.  He's done a few things since retiring, including a number of years as the pitching coach for Northwestern before being replaced last year.