Saturday, December 12, 2015

620th Place - Nelson Liriano

Card #205

My best friend in junior high, which was the level of school I was attending when this baseball card set came out, was born in Canada.  We were living in Texas on an Air Force base.  His parents were from India.  He had a myriad of national allegiances, but he was especially proud of his Canadian roots and his ball cap of choice was the same Blue Jays hat Liriano here is wearing.  I remember he would always sing the Canadian national anthem when we would catch a game at old Arlington Stadium, or whenever the Jays were on TV.  It was fairly obnoxious, but I admired his dedication.

He and I were addicted to the old NES game, Baseball Stars.  I would always create a team of Orioles, and he would load up on Blue Jays.  Liriano was surely one of the random Toronto players he digitized for our battles.  We also played a lot of Earl Weaver Baseball on his home computer.  That game was AWESOME.  We once designed a stadium where the outfield walls looked like the Batman symbol.

According to Wikipedia, Liriano broke up two no-hitters in the span of six days back in 1989, one of which was being pitched by Nolan Ryan.  That's crazy.  Ryan must have been spitting mad to lose it to a scrawny slap hitter like Nelson Liriano...

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