Saturday, December 19, 2015

619th Place - Moose Haas

Card #606

When you're a card company that includes 792 cards in your complete set, sometimes your standards for inclusion are a bit low.  I mean no disrespect to Moose Haas, who was a fine pitcher for a number of years.  But in 1987 he only pitched in nine games, and those were the last nine games of his career.  I'm just a little surprised they bothered to document that farewell performance.

Moose was only 31 when he pitched his last game, but had already logged time over twelve different seasons.  He was part of the 1982 Milwaukee World Series team and led the league in win percentage in 1983, going 13-3 over 25 starts.

If you check out Haas' left sleeve, you'll notice a patch for the 1987 All Star game, which took place in Oakland that year.  Moose's last game of his career was in June of that year, so he didn't manage to stick around long enough to see or play in it.  It's neat to know Topps wasn't using an older photograph of him, though.

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