Monday, December 21, 2015

618th Place - Darrel Akerfelds

Card #82

This is a sharp looking card, I like how the rainbow effect of the stadium seats plays over Akerfeld's shoulders.

Akerfelds was a Colorado kid, born in Denver and playing his high school ball with Columbine.  He even played some football at Arkansas.  He was originally drafted in the ninth round of the 1980 draft, but declined and eventually went seventh overall in the 1983 draft, picked by the Mariners.  He went to Oakland with Bill Caudill in a trade for Bob Kearney and David Beard and then came to Cleveland for Tony Bernazard.

If you look on the back of his card you can see he replicated the same ERA in two consecutive seasons.  Unfortunately, it was a 6.75.  Akerfelds bounced around the big leagues for five seasons, having his best success out of the bullpen for Philadelphia in 1990.  In fact, he didn't play in the majors the year this card was printed.

He was more successful after his playing days, serving as the long time bullpen coach for the San Diego Padres until his tragic death from pancreatic cancer in 2012.

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