Saturday, December 26, 2015

617th Place - Bob Sebra

Card #93

This is a nice shot of Sebra delivering the ball to home plate.  The right hand extending in front of the "Expos" name is a nice touch too.  The home uniform and bright sun make it a dead giveaway that we're looking at a spring training game.  I'm dying to know who that is standing behind second base.  Vance Law?  Casey Candaele?

Sebra, who the Expos got from the Rangers in exchange for Pete Incaviglia, started 27 games for Montreal in 1987 and struck out 156 batters, but he wasn't particularly effective.  He was out of the big leagues by 1990, but in a humorous twist of fate, he is still an "outlaw."  Sebra's last pitch hit Tracy Jones and caused a benches-clearing brawl. Sebra was tagged with a five game suspension but never made it back to the big leagues to serve it.  If you're going down, you might as well go down swinging!

Sebra's son heard the siren call of baseball as well.  After a college career at Jacksonville State, he played this past season in the Angels' minor league system.  If you would like to follow him on Twitter, you can request it here...

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