Monday, December 28, 2015

616th Place - Keith Miller

Card #382

If you looked up "scrappy utility infielder" in a baseball dictionary, this might be the picture you see.

Miller, a Michigan native, was a second round pick by the New York Yankees in 1984.  He eventually had that contract voided and signed with the Mets organization for the 1985 season.  That sentence serves as foreshadowing for two paragraphs from now...

Miller progressed through the New York minor league system until he reached Tidewater in 1987.  Despite not having particularly strong stats there, he was called up to the big club in June and hit, in part time action, like he was shot out of a cannon.  His batting average was .373 and his slugging percentage an eye-popping .491.  He also added eight stolen bases in just 25 games.

He regressed to the backup mean in his next couple of years riding the pine for New York.  His best seasons came in 1991 for the Mets and 1992 for the Royals, when he was getting more regular playing time and hitting in the .280's with a .350 OBP.  A series of injuries, though, would have him out of baseball a couple of seasons later.

What direction did Miller go in his post-playing days?  He became a sports agent.  As he explained in a Daily News article from a few years back, he realized not having an agent when he was drafted led to the Yankees taking advantage of him in the signing process.  He enjoys representing players in the sport he loves.

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