Thursday, November 26, 2015

622nd Place - Todd Benzinger

Card #96

Happy Thanksgiving, blog readers!

Todd Benzinger took a seven year trip through the minor leagues to make his rookie debut for the Red Sox in 1987. I remember thinking as a kid that he was going to be the next Will Clark/Mark Grace type player.  He never reached that level of fame, but he certainly had some memorable impact during his career.

Benzinger provided magical moments during Boston's playoff turnaround in the 1988 season.  And of course this year marked the 25th anniversary of the Cincinnati Reds World Series sweep of the Oakland Athletics in 1990.  Benzinger, playing first base, caught the last out of the game and received the bobblehead treatment during the 2015 season.  I'll let you decide if the resemblance is accurate or not.

During his post playing days Todd has coached girls high school basketball as well as managing in the minors.  It was during that stint he met his new wife, which you can read all about on the newlyweds' registration site.

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