Saturday, November 28, 2015

621st Place - Billy Bean

Card #267

No, this isn't that Billy Beane.

And chances are, you aren't familiar with his brief career in the big leagues, which was spent mostly as a strong Triple A player who could never quite adjust to big league pitching.

No, you've most likely heard of Bean due to his public reveal in 1999 as being gay, which at the time made him the only living current or former professional baseball player to identify as such.  You can head to his website to find out more about that experience, which includes an autobiography you can purchase.

In 2014 Major League Baseball named Bean the first ever "Ambassador of Inclusion."

I think this is a good looking card.  The Tigers fared well in the 1988 design, and batting cage shots in old Tiger Stadium are always good for a few bonus points.

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