Saturday, October 3, 2015

629th Place - Mark Ryal

Card #243

Ryal was born in the mighty metropolis of Henryetta, OK. He's spent a large portion of his post-playing days as a women's softball coach.  After a stint as an assistant coach at Auburn and South Alabama, he returned to his native Oklahoma and the OSU team.

Ryal the player was your classic AAA minor leaguer who struggled to stick in the majors.  He eventually ended up in Japan for a couple of years in the early 90's.  What's crazy is that his son, Rusty, has had almost the same kind of trajectory.  Rusty has the distinction of being the last major league hitter to take Randy Johnson deep.

Still, though, this is a sharp looking card.  The 3D effect of the bat in front of the team name is cool, and the Angels have one of the better color designs in the set.  If you'd like to connect with Mark on social media, try his LinkedIn account.

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