Saturday, October 17, 2015

628th Place - Bill Dawley

Card #509

I've mentioned before that my other blog revolves around the board game Statis Pro Baseball and my attempt to replay the 1984 season.  I've played roughly 20% of the season so far, and one of the very best relievers has been Bill Dawley, who in the real 1984 had a filthy year coming out of the Houston Astros bullpen.  In that campaign he posted a 1.93 ERA in 98 innings, including eleven wins and five saves.  The year prior, 1983, Dawley made the All-Star team as a rookie, despite starting the year in the minor leagues.  He relieved Atlee Hammaker, who got shelled in the game.

Dawley would only play twelve more games between the 1988 and 89 seasons at the major league level before retiring.  If I'm not mistaken, you could talk to him about securing a mortgage these days.

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