Friday, October 23, 2015

627th Place - John Christensen

Card #413

Christensen is a ballplayer who came oh-so-close to being a part of both teams from the 1986 World Series.  He spent time in the majors and minors for the Mets in 1985, and was then traded to the Red Sox that off season in the same deal that sent Calvin Schiraldi to Boston.  But Christensen spent all of 1986 in Pawtucket, stuck in AAA ball while Bean Town tried to erase their Babe Ruth curse. Alas, we know how that turned out...

He did find success in his college days, winning the World Series with Cal-State Fullerton in 1979 on a team that included future big leaguers Tim Wallach and Andre David.

I think this is a pretty good looking baseball card, it's only ranked so low due to the obscurity of the player featured. No offense meant towards Mr. Christensen...


  1. Zero memory of this card in the set. And I think I've said that about at least one other card featured here. I better brush up on my '88 Topps in case there's a test.

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself - there are 792 cards and it has been 27 years...