Saturday, September 26, 2015

630th Place - John Cangelosi

Card #506

John Cangelosi is getting loose in the on-deck circle in this shot, which is a nice change of pace from the typical baseball card poses.  It might just be my card, but the image is blurry.

Cangelosi had a long and interesting career, debuting with the White Sox and setting the rookie record for stolen bases in 1986 with 50.  Cangelosi's calling card for the rest of his career was his speed, though he would never approach 50 again.  He couldn't hit for power worth a lick but he had an excellent eye, ending his career with more walks than strikeouts and an impressive .370 OBP.

If you believe his Wikipedia page, he was the first batter Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson every faced in a big league game.  He's also the first position player to pitch in a game for the Florida Marlins.  Cangelosi has a World Series ring from the 1997 Marlins team.

What's he up to these days?  Glad you asked!  He runs a baseball clinic out of Bo Jackson's sports complex in Lockport, IL.

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