Tuesday, August 4, 2015

635th Place - James Steels

Card #117

"James Steels" sounds like the perfect secret identity for a comic book hero.  A last name of "Steals" would have been even better since he twice swiped 35 bases in a season in the minor leagues.

I think this is a sharp looking card, but Steels didn't make a significant impact in the major leagues.  He played in parts of the 1987-89 seasons but would never again make it to the bigs.  His career .461OPS is a good indicator of why.

I couldn't find much on Steels on the interwebs...hmm, maybe he is a super hero!  Way to keep a low profile, Steels.  He was the Texas League player of the year in 1984.  I found a couple of mentions in some previous baseball books, but besides that, not much else.  But don't worry - when you need him most, when the world is in trouble, when the situation is dire...JAMES STEELS WILL BE THERE!!!


  1. I have always loved his name, and I can't believe he hasn't been a Cardboard Appreciation subject. I'll have to pencil him in.