Saturday, August 22, 2015

633rd Place - Mike Diaz

Card #567

Mike Diaz is one of those guys who, when you look on the back of their card, you can't quite figure out why they couldn't stick in the majors.  Diaz always showed good power in the minors, and in limited at bats in both 1986 and '87 he reached double digits in homers.  But 1988 would be his last season.  In 1989 he would depart for Japan, where he had a couple of monster campaigns before fizzling out.

Diaz was known to be a bit of a character by his teammates.  In the minors he lied to his coaches that he had catching experience, and he also went by the nickname of "Rambo" due to his passing resemblance to the Stallone character.

Diaz could have killed 'em all, he could've killed you.  In the blogosphere you're the law, but on the diamond it's Diaz.  Don't push it!  Don't push it or Diaz will give you a war you won't believe.  Let it go.  Let it go!

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