Wednesday, August 26, 2015

632nd Place - Alex Trevino

Card #512

Alex Trevino is the quintessential veteran, backup catcher. Unfortunately for Trevino, he was off the Dodgers and on to Houston when this card was printed, missing the L.A. World Series run.  The "29" on his bat nob is indeed his jersey number, though I'm sure those of you who struggle with obsessive-compulsive tendencies are dying on the inside that it's upside down in the picture.

Trevino has an awesome SABR Bio that reveals, among other things, he has the most career at-bats for the Mets without a home run.  It also mentions that, during his time with the Dodgers, he and Fernando Valenzuela became the first all-Mexican battery in Major League history.

Trevino has spent the past 18 years as the Spanish language broadcaster for the Houston Astros.

I'm going to go ahead and throw on a "brother" label too, because Alex's older brother by 12 years, Bobby Trevino, spent 17 games in the big leagues with the Angels back in 1968.

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