Friday, July 3, 2015

644th Place - Bob Stanley

Card #573

Normally a player of Bob Stanley's tenure and renown would rank higher in a countdown like this, but I find this side profile shot a bit weird.  Thoughts on where this picture was taken?  Cleveland's old Municipal Stadium?

This is somewhat random, but Bob Stanley is regarded as the best player ever born in Maine.  According to his SABR bio, though, he didn't really grow up there.

Bob's nickname, "The Steamer," was partially related to the vacuum company but also a jab because many of the Boston faithful thought he "sucked."  Despite holding a prominent place in Red Sox history, many fans have less than fond memories of Stanley.   Much of that is related to his role in the infamous 1986 World Series collapse.  It was his wild pitch that allowed the Mets to tie the score in game six before Mookie squeaked one under the legs of Bill Buckner.

Stanley doesn't get enough credit for the versatility he provided the Red Sox in all his years of service.  He would bounce from starter to long relief to closer during a season as well as throughout his career with Boston.  He notched a couple of All-Star games and places in the top ten in numerous team records.  Per the SABR article, Stanley seems to be appreciative of the Boston fan base and stayed in the area after retiring.  Does time heal all wounds, Boston fans?  I hope so.

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