Saturday, July 4, 2015

643rd Place - Dennis Powell

Card #453

In the long history of the Seattle Mariners uniform designs, I think this color scheme has always been best.  Maybe not the "S" on the hat and the "M" on the jersey, but the blue and gold have a nice, distinct style.  In fact, the 2015 alternate jerseys are very much a throwback to this look.  Hey, if the alternates look better than the regular uniform, make the switch already!

Powell had an unremarkable career in the big leagues, starting off with the Dodgers and then moving to the Mariners in a trade, according to the back of the card, that sent Matt Young to L.A.  As a kid who grew up in the Seattle/Tacoma area in the 1980's, I can't imagine anybody willingly trading for Matt Young.  Powell spent half a season in Milwaukee before finishing out his career back in Seattle.  He was done pitching in the big leagues before he turned 30.

Powell has some brutal personal history, though.  He lost all three of his older brothers in the span of a year in auto accidents near his hometown in Georgia.  These days it looks like you can find him in southern California, joining the Dodgers in community service outings or being the featured speaker at little league parks.  According to his bio on that last link, he is one of a small handful in MLB history to end his career with all of his hits being doubles.

Here's a clip of him sharing his testimony.  It looks like he's dedicated his post-playing career to helping others!


  1. The Mariners' blue and gold color scheme is great, their 2015 throwbacks are not. All they did was do a blue and gold version of their 1993-2014 uniforms and to make matters worse, they're archaic cream. Yuck!!!

  2. I should have said, the Mariners' 2015 fauxbacks.

  3. I don't man - I kind of love them! But I respect the trident M too...