Tuesday, June 9, 2015

651st Place - Junior Ortiz

Card #274

As a kid I always thought Junior Ortiz was the ultimate backup catcher.  Solid defense, could hit for average...basically, he wasn't going to embarrass you back there.  I also remember thinking how unfair it was that teams with Tony Pena and Brian Harper could also be blessed with a second string catcher as talented as Ortiz.

After coming up through the Pirates' system he moonlighted with the Mets for a couple of seasons. But Pittsburgh got him back during the minor league draft at the end of 1984.

Ortiz picked up a World Series ring as a member of the 1991 Minnesota Twins, even collecting a hit during the series.

This isn't a bad looking card, the batting cage in the background is a nice touch.  It looks like one of his teammates just put one over the fence if his far away gaze is to be trusted...

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