Friday, June 12, 2015

650th Place - Joe Hesketh

Card #371

I've always found faux pitching motion or hitting shots a bit goofy in baseball card pictures.  Even Joe Hesketh is smirking a bit about them.

Hesketh had a solid big league career.  As a rookie pitcher in 1985 he finished eighth in Rookie of the Year balloting.  But a disastrous year in 1986 move him out of the starting rotation and into the bullpen for Montreal.  He had a couple of good seasons in that role but eventually was released and ended up in Boston.  The Red Sox used him as a starter again, where he had mixed success.  He did lead the league in win-loss percentage in 1991, though, if you're into that kind of thing.

You can find some random things out on the web about Hesketh, including his nickname of "fungo."  I also tracked down this YouTube video, where Hesketh offers some pitching instruction.

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  1. That green structure in the background shows up on Expos cards going back to the 70's (including Tim Wallach's '82 rookie). I've never been able to tell if it's a wall or a building. On this card it actually looks like some sort of quonset hut.