Monday, June 15, 2015

648th Place - Mark Davidson

Card #19

Davidson's batting helmet reminds me of the good old days of Little League.  I don't know if this was your experience, but my coaches tended to carry our equipment in over-sized duffel bags, usually of the army green variety.  Each practice or game would start with the unceremonious dumping of the bag.  As the contents spilled, there were always five or six batting helmets that would hit the dusty ground and spin.  It's funny to think back at the variety of helmets it contained.  They always had two ear flaps, unlike Davidson's here.  One was guaranteed to be an "ear burner" - too tight to fit on your head and difficult to take off once it was on.  This was inevitably the hard hat you were wearing when a teammate thought it would be funny to try and steal it off your head.  On the opposite end of the spectrum was the "army helmet."  The padding to keep it secure on your head had long since disintegrated, giving it no chance of staying straight on your noggin or  protecting it if you got hit.  The only time you would get caught dead wearing it was if you were in the on-deck circle with the bases loaded and the batter was wearing the last good one.  My favorite player was Eddie Murray, and he tended to wear his ball cap underneath the helmet.  If it was good enough for Eddie, it was surely good enough for me.  I almost always had my hat on underneath.  I think my mom supported this approach too, because I'm fairly certain she lived in a constant fear of my brother and I catching lice from other kids.  

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