Sunday, June 21, 2015

646th Place - Dave Meads

Card #199

I'm 99% sure it's just an optical illusion, but it looks like Dave Meads' right eyebrow extends past his face in this photograph.  There are some folks already out there who are critical of this facial feature, so I don't want to seem like I'm piling on.

I don't think we've talked yet about the "3D" effect Topps was going for in the 1988 set.  This Meads card is a better demonstration of it than most of the previous entries.  The players are meant to exist between the name banner in the foreground and the team name in the background.  Meads' left hand obscures the "s" in "Astros" as a result.  27 years later this looks kind of cheesy, but back in 1988 this was some pretty advanced photo manipulation.

Dave Meads had a rough year in 1987, appearing in 45 games but posting an ugly 5.55 ERA.  He would see better success in 1988, but an arm injury in 1989 would essentially end his career.

Any guesses as to who the Astro is in the background?  Ken Caminiti?

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