Sunday, June 28, 2015

645th Place - Ken Howell

Card #149

For some reason I have strong memories about Ken Howell.  He started pitching the same year I started collecting baseball cards.  I was just as obsessed with learning about random bullpen guys as I was collecting all-stars.  Perhaps he left an impression on me because his hair and mustache reminded me of my favorite player, Eddie Murray?

Speaking of Eddie...Howell went to the Orioles after the 1988 season in the trade that brought Murray to the Dodgers.  He was then flipped to the Phillies for Phil Bradley.  Unfortunately for Howell, he missed out on most of the miracle season for the Dodgers in '88, and wasn't on their post season roster.

Howell had a pretty good year as a starter in 1989 for the Phillies, but injuries in 1990 insured he would never play in the majors again.  You can find Howell back on the Dodgers these days, though, as an assistant pitching coach.

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