Sunday, May 31, 2015

652nd Place - Joel McKeon

Card #409

I kind of miss how the White Sox were constantly experimenting with their uniforms.  Joel is sporting one of those fashion statements:  the upper-thigh jersey number.  There's nothing like drawing your eye to a player's crotch like a big ol' #50 hanging out right next to it.  I'm surprised more teams don't explore new designs related to pants.  They're pretty much a standard color, maybe some piping.  Where's the flair???

McKeon was back in the minors when this card came out, never to again appear in a major league game.  He was a forkball pitcher who seemed to run into some bad luck, including a bout with hepatitis.  What might be most interesting about Joel, though, is his European baseball triumphs.  He ended up in Belgium of all places, where he pitched three years in a row without ever losing a game.  McKeon is also one of six pitchers Don Mattingly exploited when he set his grand slam record.  We'll see a tribute to that feat much later in this blog...

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