Friday, January 23, 2015

656th Place - Dan Schatzeder

Card #218

If you looked up "journeyman lefty" in the MLB dictionary, there's a good chance you would see Dan Schatzeder's face.  Though he had two stints with the Expos, which is the team I tend to think of when his name pops up, he played for a host of other teams...including the Twins. Minnesota picked him up in their world championship season of 1987.  I'm impressed Topps snapped a picture of him so late in the season.

The Twins gave up a couple of no-names to get him, but he might not have even been worth that.  Over 30 games he had an atrocious 6.39 E.R.A.  Despite that, he pitched in both the ALCS and World Series for Minnesota.  He was quite effective against the Tigers in the ALCS but got roughed up in the World Series.  He was still credited for one of the four wins that secured their championship, though.  Congrats Dan!  That's a feat only a relative few can claim in baseball history.

Schatzeder attended the same college my father did, the University of Denver.